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Description: $ 50 Fifty Dollars Fraser-Evans (R516) obstruction during printing resulting in startling area of unprinted design behind portrait, gVF

Australian Specimen Issues  Year 1988 Ten Dollars Johnston-Fraser 1st polymer issue Specimen Folder #238 serial no. AA00-000000, housed in original Reserve Bank of Australia envelope, Unc and very rare Estimate:  A$ 7500

One Hundred Dollars Fraser-Evans type 4 serial AA96-000000, Specimen No.0877 overprinted in red, in presentation folder as presented to dignitaries and high-ranking officers at the 13th Pacific Rim Banknote Printer's Conference in Bangalore Mysore November-December 1997, Unc and a very rare issue, tightly held and rarely offered Estimate: A$ 15000 ---- Description: Five Dollars Fraser-Cole (R214) two notes as removed from bundle of 100 by bank teller in 1992, both without signatures and serials, one with checker's mark "10.611059" Unc and very rare as a pair (2 notes) Estimate: A$ 750 Five Dollars Fraser-Cole polymer prefix AA02 (R214) missing "5" at top right of note EF Estimate: A$ 200






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